Yusi Bao 992
2019-06-28 14:47:43   Source: Guibao energy in Henan   

Product uses:
It is mainly used for structural bonding and sealing of glass curtain wall and metal structure engineering.
Product characteristics:
Two-component, neutral curing, excellent tensile bonding strength, excellent weather aging resistance; good bonding, compatibility and fast curing speed for glass, aluminium and coated glass.
Meet the criteria:
GB 16776-2005, ASTMC 1184-2000a
Packing specifications:
Group A: 200L barrel (net capacity about 180L)
Group B: 20L plastic barrel (net capacity about 18L)
Group A: 20L barreled (24kg net)
Group B: 300ml plastic cylinder
Colour: Group A is white and Group B is black. The mixture is black.