Yusi Bao 555
2019-06-28 14:48:27   Source: Guibao energy in Henan   

Product uses:
It is suitable for the bonding of aquariums and large fish tanks, assembly and sealing of lighting roofs, doors and windows, shop display cabinets, and specializing in high-quality aquariums.
Product characteristics:
One-component acid curing, high-performance silicone sealant, high strength, fast curing speed, translucent, no color change; all have good flexibility, good adhesion to glass, ceramic tile, etc; excellent weather aging resistance, good water resistance; excellent high and low temperature resistance, after curing in the range of - 50 (- 200 (- 50 (- 200) (- 200 (- 200 (- 50 (- 200 (- 50 (- 200)).
Meet the criteria:
Packing specifications:
Plastic cylinder (net capacity 300 ml)
Aluminum-plastic composite film (590ml)
Colour: Transparent, translucent or other colours required by the user.