Yusi Bao 886
2019-06-28 14:51:21   Source: Guibao energy in Henan   

Silicon Treasure Structural Sealant (Special for Hollow Glass Gum) TWO-PART SILICON INSUL-ATING GLASS SEALED
Uses: Mainly used as silicone structural glass sealant for secondary sealing of hollow glass.
Product features: adjustable two-component curing speed, fast deep curing, suitable for factory construction; good adhesion to metal, glass, coated glass and most other building materials; high modulus, high strength; low molecular alcohols released during curing, no irritation or odor; excellent weather aging resistance, Aging resistance, ultraviolet ray resistance, ozone resistance and water resistance; excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, after curing at - 50 C low temperature will not become brittle, hardening or cracking, at 150 high temperature will not become soft, degradable, always maintain good elasticity; and other neutral silicone gels have good compatibility.
Compliance standard: GB 16776-2005
Packaging specifications: 200L barrel for Yusi Bao 886A group (net content 265kg about 190 liters).
Packing (net content 19 kg or about 19 liters).
Yusi Bao 886A team packed in 20L barrels (net content 26.5kg).
Yusi Bao 886B team packed 310 ml plastic cylinder.
Colour: Group A is white, Group B is black, and after mixing, it is black.